My Interview Experience with Tiger Analytics

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my interview experience with some of the top tech companies, in which I was hired.

So, In the fall of January and the start of February, I got two offers. One as a Senior Analyst — Data Science from Tiger Analytics and one as a Software Engineer from Optum, UnitedHealth Group

Let us start with Tiger Analytics.

I applied for tiger analytics somewhere around December last year, and after around 1 week time I got a call from the HR team. They explained to me the hiring process at Tiger Analytics. There are a total of four stages at Tiger to get selected.

Telephonic Interview

Once you get the first call from HR after your resume got selected, they will ask some general questions like current organization, CTC, expectation, and YOE. Stay calm and answer the question with a normal tone. Once they are satisfied with your behavior, then you will be invited for a technical round which is typically held on HackerEarth.

Coding Round

The coding round that I appeared had

The MCQ is generally focused on data science, and you can expect questions on Probability, Confusion Matrix, Statistics. Some questions from ML algorithms. The level of questions is from beginner to intermediate only. Some questions may be hard tough.

Then comes the coding part which had three questions in total. You can code in any language of your choice(i.e Python 😝). The level of the questions is also from beginner to intermediate. Once you clear the coding round you can expect a call from the HR team for the next rounds.

1st Round of Interview

If you are here then take a deep breath, you are through to half the line. Cheers(🍻). Relax and don’t panic before the interview. Stay calm and focused.

In this round of interview, you may be asked to turn on your camera. This round generally focuses on your Python/R skills. You will be required to write codes by sharing your screen. You will be given 3 – 4 coding questions that you have to solve. You don't have to worry about the time complexity at first. First, understand the question clearly and then explain to the interviewer your approach on how you are going to solve it. Then gets your hands dirty.

Once you are done with the code and 2 – 3 test cases have passed, the interviewer may ask you to optimize it, and may also give you hints. It's completely OK to ask for any hints. You can also pass on the questions stating that you don’t have an answer to it, or you are not able to derive an answer for it.

Once the live coding is done, they will ask some questions related to your projects and what you worked on previously. So it's always a plus point if you have some projects by your side. Since the company is focused more on Data Science, it is better to have some projects related to ML/AI in your hands. Then they will ask some questions on probability, and statistics which are generally easy. Some questions will be from intermediate python.

Example questions that I remember:

Answer/write all the answers carefully staying calm and confident throughout the interview. Don’t just stay quiet in the interview, explain your answers and how you arrived at those results. It's all about impressing the interviewer with your skills and knowledge.

Now it's up to the interviewer to process it. Sit back and relax...😴

2nd Round of Interview

You are almost there….!!!

This round of interview is more focused on the profile you have applied to or the profile they have considered. You can expect questions related to ML algorithms, Pandas, and DF functions. They may also ask you to share some light on your past experience and projects. How/What you have implemented in your projects.

The second half of the interview is related to behavior and managerial kinds of stuff.

You can expect questions like

Again stay calm, focused, and confident. You got this…!!!

Lying on the bed, scrolling Instagram, applying for different jobs, reading, coding, watching movies…cell phone rings….

Hello, this is….from Tiger Analytics, We would like to offer you the position of ……

Congratulations, you did it🎊🎉.

Finally, after 3–4 rounds of the hiring process, you will be relieved when you receive the offer. Don’t give up if you haven't received the offer at any stage. There are lots of other opportunities out there…

Keep applying and skilling yourself. Stay focused.

For any guidance on your resume and interview process reach out to me on LinkedIn.

In the next blog, I’ll share my interview experience with UnitedHealth Group. Stay connected…!!!



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